🌮⭐ Taco Stars

Welcome friends!

🌮⭐ Taco Stars is a 500+ person community of startup founders, investors, agency types, and generally awesome humans primarily based in Dubai but with members all around the world. We meet in Dubai monthly (aka Sept - May) for margaritas and good times. @TacoStarsHQ

Why join our community:

  • The absolute best deal on bottomless margaritas in town 🍹
  • The dankest meme dropping chat groups in Dubai (lets be real, all 🇦🇪)
  • Meet founders from programs around MENA representing Techstars, 500 Startups, Wamda, StartupBootcamp, FinTechHive, Future Foundation, Hub71, DisruptAD, and others. 🚀
  • Community perks from all the tech overlords and friends of the family 🤗
  • Find founders, partners, engineers, etc for your company 🤝
  • Participate in the most adorable web3 art project ever ❤️